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Do you know the basics of video production but struggle to find time to actually create content?

Do you need to meet End of Year Revenue goals and don't have a marketing team?



Our Bootcamp 2.0 will launch January, 2021

& will include:​

  • One 60-Min Group Call per month

    • 1-hour Interactive, High-level Roundtable Sessions with She TV Media covering proven methods/best strategies of video usage for your business & accountability with other High-level Business Professionals and Leading Nonprofit Marketers

  • One 60-Min Private Strategy Session per month

  • One 30-Min Planning Session per month for a FILM SHOOT!

  • Full Producing of One 60-second Video per month!!


KEEP IT GOING: Bootcamp 2.0 is a

Four-month minimum commitment

Launching January 2021




Let’s find out what’s possible for your business.

If you missed Cohort 01 of GET GOING WITH VIDEO: Bootcamp, don't worry! We will be having a second Cohort in 2021.

Stay tuned!

We know what you’re thinking. Video is everywhere - now more than

ever - everyone is at home scrolling the internet and watching videos, but

how can you utilize video for your business or product?  Or maybe you’ve

made a couple videos for your company, you’ve put them on your social media

or Youtube, and then crickets…What gives? 


We were in the same boat. We would make videos with the intention to just let

them work their magic. But videos don’t make magic on their own. 


There is so much that goes into video production: choosing the right type of video

for what your company and audience needs, selecting the right platforms for

different types of video, and knowing the value of your video for your

online presence. 


We built She TV Media -- our full-service video & virtual event  production

company focusing on telling empowering stories through documentaries,

narratives, and branded commercial content -- with the intention of spreading the

knowledge we’ve gained regarding building our own business and perfecting the value and usage of video production to companies and businesses who need it most. And that’s why we’re offering this new 6-week Get Going with Video Bootcamp for people like you. 


In our Six-week Bootcamp, you’ll walk away with a high-level Strategy Deck and a sustainable, actionable, and timely game plan for pivoting in the “now” with video.



Bernadette Marciniak

Visual Brand Storyteller

Natalie & Meredith are video oracles! They are so well-versed on video marketing, there is no doubt your business will see a return on investment from their knowledge. After I implemented their strategies, I found myself ranking in the #2 spot on Google when you search for "Los Angeles Brand Photographer" -- one of THE MOST SATURATED MARKETS in the world! Word from the now wise -- this class will be one of the most empowering purchases you can make.


CEO & Motivational Speaker

Through the webinar I attended by She TV Media, I gained valuable insights into statistics that blew my way of limited thinking out of the water.  They allowed me to shift my focus on what it was I needed to be producing and how simple it could be right off of the bat! I was able to work with what I had, and what small things I could add right away that would dramatically improve my productions. The very day of the webinar I walked away with actionable steps and knowledge that I still put to use on productions for my business today.  Without taking this course I would still be stuck, going in circles of “I can’t do this, because…”  

Melanie Browning

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